Our custom truck seat covers are built to last. We have the custom measurements for every Cab Style and Seat Configuration for every make of truck. Whether you drive a Ford F150- 650, GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tacoma, or Dodge Ram we’ve got your covered.


If you have ever been stuck in traffic and thought about running over the Prius in front of you; we know you’re a real truck owner. You carry a lot of torque and towing capacity, now you need the hard-hitting seat covers to match.


Ideal Fabrics for Your Truck


-Our Black Widow Defense Fabric is ideal for the worker who uses his truck to transport the tools of his trade. It’s 100% waterproof, tougher than nails, and more durable than any other fabric on the market.


- Our Licensed Realtree Camouflage is ideal for “huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ every day”. 100% waterproof, light weight, and ultra-durable.


-Our Serape truck seat covers are ideal for the ladies who love their trucks and want to show their country side.Our Hand Woven Serape material is sourced locally right here in California. After careful selection of the best and most colorful Serape blankets we laminated them on 1/8 foam backing for added comfort and durability before transforming them into beautiful Custom Truck Seat Covers.


-Our Scuba Neoprene is ideal for the stylish truck owner who uses his truck for both work and pleasure. Medium protection with a premium fit our Scuba Neoprene is double knit to provide the most comfortable cover on the market.

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